Eye of sahara

eye of sahara

Located in Mauritania, the Eye of the Sahara is not really what you would call a structure, but rather a huge circular formation; it was originally. This prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of Mauritania has bull's- eye in the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert. The desert creates gorgeous structures, and the Eye of the Sahara is no exception. The stunning structure of bare rock peeks out from a sea of.


How The Sahara Desert Was Made Documentary

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Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? Also, it is quite different from large extraterrestrial impact structures in that the sedimentary strata comprising this structure is remarkably intact and "orderly" and lacking in overturned, steeply dipping strata or disoriented blocks. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment v. Richat Structure is not the site of an ancient meteor crater, as many people originally postulated. But even now we've found it, scientists don't fully understand it. Now the whole structure exposed as a flat cross-sectional bulls-eye of underlaying strata peeking out. Die konzentrischen Ringwälle sind nur wenige Meter hoch und bestehen aus Sedimentgestein. eye of sahara They consist of massive carbonatites that are mostly devoid of vesicles. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Richat Structure. Ursprünglich wurde die Struktur als Meteoritenkrater interpretiert, was aber wegen fehlender Impaktgesteine nicht allgemein unterstützt wird. Australia's famous rock pools are stunning.


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