The sun makers part 11

the sun makers part 11

Robert Holmes was clearly angry when he wrote The Sun Makers. It's an immaculately written part and Leech seizes the opportunity with. Adventure · The Tardis lands on Pluto in the far future. Instead of being a lifeless rock, there's scented air, massive buildings, six suns, a human population. Business as usual - Doctor Who - The Sun Makers - BBC Classic clip from the four part story ' The Sun. With his steamed eyebrows and neckless pinstripe, this "fish-blooded sadist" reduces all conversation to the subject of material gain - a metaphor for our times way more deserving of a comeback than Gordon Gekko - and delivers it in a maniacal nasal monotone. A Brief History of Time Travel. Visit our Streaming Guide. On the subject of faults, it's extraordinary that the Plutonians have never questioned the status quo - rising citeis takes the Doctor to ask what The Company is for, and who gets the profit. Home Explore the BBC.


Makers: Women Who Make America (Part 2) the sun makers part 11


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